What is Irish Dance?

Irish dancing is an ancient art form that is still evolving today. It fuses balletic movements and percussive steps generally without the use of arms and emphasizing an upright and proud posture. Many styles of this dance form existed in Ireland and came to America during Irish Immigration. Irish dance fused with African Dance movements and influenced the creation of American Tap Dance.  In 1994 Riverdance the Show was created and the dance form became a worldwide phenomenon. Riverdance is still in production today and is one of the most successful shows in the world.  Irish Dance is an intense athletic activity and has a highly competitive element. Dancers from around the world compete at the World Championships once a year.

This year we are please to add Irish Dance demonstrations to our activities. Demonstrations will take place at Area 1 at the following times:

Saturday     11:30 – noon,  1pm-1:30pm,  3:00-3:30pm
Sunday         1pm-1:30pm,   3:00-3:30pm

Participating dancers comer from the McKeever School of Irish Dance.

Owner, Nicole McKeever grew up with a love of dance and Celtic music. Her family always celebrated their Irish American heritage and it was at a Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Columbus, Ohio that young Nicole was first awestruck by a troupe of Irish Dancers. It wouldn’t be until her family’s move to New Jersey at age 12 that there would be the means to support her Irish Dance career. She began Irish dancing with the DeNogla School in New Jersey and quickly moved up from beginner to Open Champion, achieving top three standings at the Regional Oireachtas, ranking top 5 out of American competitors at the North American Championships, and medalling at All Ireland and World Championships for which she qualified for six times.