The Woodland Celtic Games & Festival continues the excellent standards from previous years.  We award the United States Scottish Drum Major Championship and are excited that we have terrific competitors and excellent displays of drum major performances.

We host a great 2-day event with 2 classes.  We also are pleased to welcome any beginners wanting to learn more.  Experienced competitors are always willing to assist incomers and talked to our guests about their “sports.”  This is made up of hours/years of practice, experiences, competitions, time, and energy.

You earn your trophies at Practice.  You just pick them up at Competitions.

Competitors go after 100 valuable points each day; Dress and March/Deportment.  We award a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place each day with the total points from both days determining the US Champion.

This year’s judge:   

Brian Wilson, Northern Ireland (3 time World Champion and 2 time US Champion along with many other awards).




                        2010                Jason Paguio

                        2011                Brian Wilson

                        2012                Jacy Anderson

                        2016                Brian Wilson

                        2017                Jacy Anderson

                        (2013, 2014, 2015 presented at the Pleasanton Games)


Time Schedule on the Main Ceremony Field:         

11:30am     Dress

 1:00pm      March/Deportment

 4:00pm      Final Heat

 4:30pm      Fun Event

 Closing Ceremony – Winners announced


For more information regarding the Drum Major Competition please contact:

Angie Roddan, Chair (Drum Major Mom)


Entry form:    print, fill out and mail to:  Angie Roddan, 2220  12th Street, Sacramento CA 95818 or email to