So what is the Woodland Celtic Games and Festival?

We are a non-profit organization created in 2017.  The majority of our committee were formerly from the Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival committee.  Our goal is to add to our cultural celebration by adding things Irish and Welsh.  We have competitions, activities, education, and entertainment that helps provide an interesting view of these cultures no matter the time period.  We will enjoy adding to the total world for our guests.  The event is designed for a family fun expertise and having a little something for everyone.

Some of our committee members have been involved since the 1980’s, and new people join our fun each year.  It takes a committee of 36 Chairs (all volunteers) and adding over 100 people for the 2 day event.  It’s a labor of love.  We come from all over No. CA and bring with us the passion to present the best event for everyone.  Planning takes about 9 months, set up is 2 days before the event, making sure everything works for 2 days, and the ever popular – take down.  If interested in being a part of the fun, please get in touch with us.

We are dedicated to bringing the best in Celtic heritage, traditions, entertainment and just plain good times at the Yolo County Fairgrounds, in Woodland on the last weekend in April annual.


What is/are Celtic?

For a long answer check out Wikipedia, but a short one is the Celts are an ancient people living mostly in the British Isles, Scotland, Ireland, Wales but who also are from France and Spain.


What can I expect to see at the Games?

We want you to see and experience all the traditional competitions, music, dance, entertainment and vendors. You can expect the traditional athletics, including the caber (telephone pole) toss, the Scottish hammer (cannonball on a stick), and the weight over the bar and several others. Pipe bands and individual piping and drumming competitions, Highland Dance competition, Scottish Drum Major competition, Historic groups, Family Name Societies, Irish Dance, curling practice and darts,as well as archery, a beard/mustache contest, entertainers, animals and home baked goods are all there too.

Plus of course, food and beverages as well as good vendors for that kilt or Celtic knot T-shirt you always wanted, among other things.


OK, how do I get tickets?

If you are a thrifty Celt you will go back to the home page, click on tickets and take advantage of a discount to order and print your tickets. Otherwise, just come to the Games at the Yolo County Fairgrounds, in Woodland, and buy your ticket at the gate.  Gates open at 9am on Saturday and Sunday.

Check the menu bar on our home page under “Tickets.”


Can I use my credit card/debit card to buy my ticket?

Yes, both for an advance ticket and at the gate.


Is there food available?

Yes, there are food and beverage vendors who offer both Celtic and American food and beverages.


Does that include haggis (Scottish hamburger helper)?

Yes, one of the food vendors, Heritage Foods, does a haggis with tatties and neeps (potatoes and turnips for those who don’t speak Scots) plate.


Is this event family friendly?

You bet! There are all kinds of things for all ages. Besides watching the competitions there are historic groups who present demonstrations on the period in Celtic history they represent; there is the Land of Wee Folk with games and prizes for smaller children with Trevor of Clan McClown doing interactive games and surprises, there are musical entertainers, vendors of all sorts of Celtic goods and opportunities to try things like Scottish County Dancing, Irish Step Dancing, Haggis Hurling, Beard Contest, and Bonny Knees Contest plus lots of shade and benches to just relax and enjoy The Games.


Are there things for younger children to enjoy?

Absolutely, we have an entire area set aside for what we call the Land of Wee Folk which has a number of games they can play for prizes and a clown to entertain them, learn about breeds of animals coming from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.  The Historic area is also a favorite of the younger folks, groups representing various periods of history set up camp and offer an opportunity to learn about their time period in a fun and friendly way.   We can also learn how to shoot an arrow with our Archery venue in the arena.  The day closes with our popular kid’s Tug of War; little Braveheart Warriors.


What about parking?

There is parking at the Fairgrounds; the fee is $7 a car, so car pool if you can. Saturday is the most popular day to come, so come early.  If the parking lot is full, it will be closed until space becomes available in which the gate will be reopened.  Please comply with area parking notices as to where you can park on the street or in other lots.  The business parking lot across the street from the East Gum gate will tow your car if you park there (it is posted).


What if I want to Camp/RV?

There is limited camping/RV space on the Fairground.   It’s the place to be; gathering of the clans.  Reservations go pretty fast.  Check after the first of January on our website under “Tickets – Camping/RVs”.  There are professional camp grounds close to Woodland also.


What are the hours?

Our gates open at 9 AM both days.  All the activities, competitions, and vendors are closed at 5:30pm.  The Saturday night’s Ceilidh (dinner and entrainment) is on the grounds from 5:30PM to 10:00PM.  Dinner tickets are available for purchase on-line or at the Celtic Headquarters on Saturday.


Are there ATMs on the Fairgrounds?

Yes, but we’d suggest you not wait till you get to the Fairgrounds to withdraw some cash for your ticket or other things you might buy.  Most vendors, now, are also able to handle credit cards sales.


Can we rent wheelchairs?

Sorry no.  The Fairgrounds has ADA walkways, buildings and restrooms.  The grounds are flat and easy to get around.  There is “handicap” parking close to the main gate.  If you find that you need assistance in getting from your car to the main gate, you can make arrangements by contacting us.


Is there First Aid on the Fairground?

There are EMT/firefighters on site and will assist if you have a problem.  Please check in with the Information Booth, at the center of the grounds, if you need assistance.  You can also check with any Security Team member or the Chairperson in the location you are attending.  We suggest that you also be prepared for hot temperature by having water with you.  There are shade areas around the grounds.


Can I bring my Pet?

The Yolo County Fairgrounds prohibits pets on the fairgrounds unless a dog is licensed as a Service Dog.  They follow the Federal guidelines, which indicates that the dog must provide a “service, tagged, and controlled.”  You are responsible for picking up after your dog and making sure that the dog does not interfere or bother other people.  Please do not leave your lovely pet in your vehicle.  Check our web site under “Tickets – Accommodations” for the name of area kennels.


What about Glass containers?

The Yolo County Fairgrounds prohibits any glass container on the grounds.  This is a safety regulation.  The glass container will be removed when located. 


Are there adult beverages at this event?

We operate 2 pubs with adult beverages.  We do not allow liquor to be brought in by guests/participants.  When located, our Security Team will remove the items.  We wish to operate a friendly, family atmosphere.  Unwarranted behavior will also be handled by our Security Team and the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office.


Where can I find Lost and Found?

Lost and found is located at the Information Booth.  Items will be turned in there.  After the Games the items not returned are inventoried by our Lost and Found Chairperson.   We also provide a list to the Yolo County Fairgrounds Office (1125 East Street – 530/402-2222).


What should I bring to the Woodland Celtic Games & Festival?

Your good self, a sense of joy and a friendly smile, we’ll help with the rest.  Comfortable shoes are not a bad idea either.