No matter if you know about bag pipes or not, when you hear them, you’ll get goose bumps.  Around for hundreds of years, they still stir the heart.

The competition at the Woodland Celtic Games & Festival is one of the best in the state.  A large number of pipers come to display their skills, learn new things, and have a good time.  Some just come to compete as solos, other also compete within a band.  This is something that takes lots of time, energy, and practice to gain perfection.  Enjoy.  (Ask about learning how to play).

This year we will present 2 trophies for the first time the annual:


A piper will be selected, annually, after Saturday’s individual piping competition.  The award will be made at Closing Ceremony on Saturday.  The selection will be any piper from any grade (it will not be grade specific).  The judges will present nominations based on musical quality and professionalism of presentation.  The final selection made by Liz Tubbs.

The piper will receive a WCG&F medal, their name on the Trophy, and $50 prize money.

The Woodland Celtic Games & Festival is proud to make this award to honor and say thanks to Liz Tubbs for her years of service, education, participation, and leadership within the Piping Community.



The Michael J. Allen Memorial Award will be for the best piper under 18 years old.  The pipers will be limited to the top three players as determined by the light music results.  The competition will call for a four-parted  6/8 March of the player’s choice.  The tune will be played twice through.  The award honors Michael J. Allen and will be presented by Piper Erik Leiken.

The piper will received a WCG&F medal, name of the Trophy, and $50 prize money.