It is our joy to present the wonderful creatures that  come from our Celtic cultures.  The animals that are used for service, for food and products, for companionship, and/or just for beauty.  We see many of these animals in the US now, but they started their long boat ride to get here by our Celtic ancestors.

We have assembled the largest selection of Celtic animals seen at Celtic events in California.  The aesthetic beauty of these animals is matched only by the utility of their design and usefulness.  The owners and breeders will love to tell you about their animals; where they come from, what they do, how they assist humans, and the joy of owning them.

We go from livestock to domestic to birds of prey.  You’ll see horses; featuring Clydesdales. Developed in Scotland from Finish stallions and Scottish mares, they are the most beautiful and recognized of the draft horses.  They started arriving in the US in the mid-18th century and put to good use as draft horses for agriculture and hauling products and supplies.



Joining us will be cattle including the famous Highland Cattle, Dexters, and Belted Galloways.  Now seen in the US, these breeds are recognized for their meat, milk/products, and even the hair of the Highlander is used. 

You can’t think of Celtic countries without thinking of wool.  We have the mainstay of the wool industry with us; sheep.  We call them “kilts on the hoof.”  Several breeds contribute to the wood industry and also as a food supply famous for the regions.  Easy to raise with the help of sheep dogs.  We also feature several breeds that work wonders with controlling farm animals; the value herding dogs.

Birds of Prey are wonderful to watch.  We feature a demonstration of these valuable birds each day.  We will have an opportunity to learn about them and see them fly and catch their targets. 

This is a great educational opportunity to learn, from the owners and breeds about these wonderful animals.