Band Contest Rules

All bands must be members of the Western United States Pipe Band Association (WUSPBA) or an affiliated Association of the Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations to be eligible to participate in the contests offered.  The contest will be organized under the WUSPBA Sanctioning Process.

  1. Order of Play: The order of play will be determined at the Games per WUSPBA rules.
  2. Band Representative’s Duties: A representative shall be responsible for the prompt attendance of his/her band on the contest field.  The first band to compete will be advised as to the time it must be at the starting point in the contest area; thereafter, it is the duty of each succeeding band to move forward as directed by the stewards.  To reduce the gap between final tuning and competing to the lowest possible margin, there will be a five (5) minute MAXIMUM time period from the conclusion of one band’s performance or from he posted time of play, whichever is later, to the appearance of the following band at the starting position ready to play or face disqualification.
  3. Dress: Bands may wear the uniform designated by the Pipe Major provided that it is in good taste.
  4. Time Limit Medley Event: Play will be from 3-5 minutes.  The bands have free choice of tunes.  The music, however, must be that played upon the Highland Bagpipe, Snare Drum, Tenor Drum and Bass Drum.
  5. Massed Bands: Band members participating in a massed band shall be correctly dressed in the uniform of their band as designated for the massed band by the Pipe Major.  The Games Committee shall bar band members not in uniform from the massed band.
  6. Protest: All complaints or protests should be made in writing and be lodged with the WUSPBA Northern Branch Chief Steward or other WUSPBA Officer before the distribution of prizes.  A $5.00 deposit must accompany it.
  7. No WUSPBA band may register any player who is registered with any other Pipe Band Association without the approval of the Executive Committee of the WUSPBA.
  8. All participants will be subject to the WUSPBA code of conduct.


A complete set of WUSPBA rules and Code of Conduct will be available at the registration tent the day of the contest.




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