Each will perform 2 sets each day along with the Saturday Night Ceilidh.

Come and enjoy the music related to our Celtic roots.


As seen on “The Craig Ferguson Show”, the Wicked Tinkers join us every year
and are always fan favorites. They love to entertain and to have our guests get up and dance or sing along.

They play the Tribal Celtic style and been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995. Several years back they added the mesmerizing drone of the Australian didgeridoo and Bronze Age Irish horn. You can’t miss them. Sterling Stage

Seamus Kennedy

We are delighted to welcome Seamus back to the Woodland Games. An accomplished guitarist with a ready wit and a vast store of songs, he travels the country making folks laugh, sing and forget their cares for a while. Kennedy’s ability to combine a total command of the music with humor makes him unique in the industry. His strong interactive entertainment skills and his participation with the audience have helped him create an exceptionally loyal fan base everywhere he goes. White Heather Stage


Cockswain is a 6 piece Irish/Celtic rock band from Phoenix. Formed in 2011 Cockswain made their St. Patrick’s Day debut in 2012 and have been working on developing their own style that can only be described as high energy celtic rock with punk rock attitude. The word “Cockswain” means “one who steers the ship” but to the band, it’s more about being in charge of one’s own destiny. White Heather Stage

The Ploughboys


For the better part of two decades, the Ploughboys have regaled the Los Angeles Celtic community with modern and traditional music from the British Isles, with dash of bluegrass, country, and American folk thrown in. With a revamped lineup and set list, 2018 saw them headline several California celtic festivals, including the Costa Mesa Scotsfest, the Las Vegas Highland Games, the Bakersfield Celtic Music Festival, and the Las Vegas Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival, to mention a few. Sterling Stage