Each will perform 2 sets each day along with the Saturday Night Ceilidh.

Come and enjoy the music related to our Celtic roots.


As seen on “The Craig Ferguson Show”, the Wicked Tinkers join us every year
and are always fan favorites. They love to entertain and to have our guests get up and dance or sing along.

They play the Tribal Celtic style and been playing haunting, heart-pounding bagpipes and irresistible tribal drums as a professional touring band since 1995. Several years back they added the mesmerizing drone of the Australian didgeridoo and Bronze Age Irish horn. You can’t miss them.

The Fire

The Fire is a high energy pure-drop Scottish music band, with world class fiddling in combination with bagpipes, guitar, bodhran, whistle, and bouzouki. The group includes, International Scottish Fiddle Champion Rebecca Lomnicky, multi-instrumentalist David Brewer of the popular Celtic band Molly’s Revenge, and Adam Hendey on guitar and bouzouki.  Members of the trio have each spent copious amounts of time delving into the traditions of their respective instruments, with Rebecca and David having additionally lived and studied in both Edinburgh and the highlands of Scotland.

The Fire performs captivating Scottish music which bridges the gap between the fiddle and bagpipe music of Scotland—two worlds united, into a heartfelt and rousing musical experience. Between their entertaining and informative stage banter, vast array of instrument combinations and extensive repertoire, including everything from soaring slow airs to intricately arranged dance tunes, these charismatic performers will leave you on your feet with your hands together.


Traditional tunes and songs from Ireland, Shetland-Scotland, and Old Time America as performed by Linda Keen on Fiddle, Stephen Davis on Guitar, James Wilson on Mandolin, Bouzouki, and Flute.